Article Jockey Review

Instant Article WizardReview Summary: This application is more intended for Article Optimization as in SEO

Pros: Free, Friendly user interface, extensive keyword density checking.

Cons: No article research function

Rating: 7/10


Product Review:

One-time FREE - Requires account registration
Subscription -
Topic Research No
Content Suggestion No
Rewrite No
Synonym suggestion, LSI Yes - Provides suggestions of related search engine proven synonyms
Keyword Density Monitoring Yes - Returns density values for each keyword
Dynamic Content No
Article Submission No
Website Creation No
Keyword(s), Phrases Yes
Article Text Yes
Stand Alone (Install) No
Hosted Yes
Windows Yes - Browser based
Mac Yes - Browser based


Article Jockey is a free web application through which you can create articles and content for your website or post such articles on other sites or article directories. It allows you to produce articles and content for your website that are Optimized for the correct keyword densities as in SEO.


The benefit you get with this tool is that the articles you write through Article Jockey will be SEO Optimized, which means it will have the correct keyword densities or in other words have as many keywords kept in perfect ratios for the article. Just as writing articles that get search engine attention have long been the goal of internet marketers and webmasters alike.


Keywords are words that people enter in a search engine when they are looking for information on a certain topic. This means that search engines will scan your website to determine its relevancy based on your primary keywords and other factors and then compare them to other sites that have already been determined to be authority sites. So the more keywords you include on your site the better the ranking you will get from a search engine. Keyword density has long been an important part of search engine optimization.


The content you create with Article Jockey will be SEO Optimized for the correct keyword densities, which is accomplished by applying the proper use of LSI Search Engine Proven Synonyms, and best usage of possible long-tail and expert verbiage keywords.

Article Jockey tells you, in real-time, EXACTLY what you need to do to produce an SEO Optimized piece of content. However, as for the development of the content itself, you will have to do them yourself as you would normally do when writing an article. This tool primarily provides you with guidance of how much and which of the keywords to use in your article to achieve proper density.

As you might note that keyword density is not just about using your primary keyword, it is also about using the correct associated keywords and synonyms in the proper density through out your content.

These days the search engines are getting better at analyzing content to determine its theme and relevance to a particular subject based on the context of the content. It will compare your content and see if you are using the same verbiage within your content in the correct density.

Article Jockey is superb for the reason that it thinks like a search engine and tells you what you need to do in order to have content that is optimal for search engines. Article Jockey is an impressive free theme density article writing and analysis tool.

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